Teaching Sight Words in an Organized Way with Phonics

Previously I posted free sight word flashcards with directions to print and cut. Here are these sight words organized by phonics rules.
CVC (a vowel in a syllable or word trapped between consonants is usually short) – big, but, can, did, fun, funny, little, not, red, run, that, this, will, with, yellow, yes

VC (a vowel at the beginning of a syllable or word is usually short) – and, at, in, is, it, on, up

CV (a vowel at the end of a word or syllable is long) – go, I, me, my, no, see, she, so, we

Schwa Sound (any vowel can make the “uh” sound in some words) – a, away, come, pretty, some, the, what

Third Sound of a (an a followed by u, w, lk, ll, or lt usually has a short o sound, an a after a w usually has a short o sound) – walk, want

A Vowel Sound Off – do, to, who, you

Silent e Rule – here, like, make, ride, take

Long a – make, play, take, way

Long e – here, me, see, she, we

Long i – find (grind, mind), like, my, ride

Long o – no, oh, so, yellow

Long u – blue, do, to, too, who, you

R Controlled – are, for, work

OW and OU words – down, how, house, now, out, yellow

OO words – look (took, shook, book) too (boo, moo, moon)

Others – give, have (English words don’t end in a v, so a ve word can be long or short) one (once, none), there (where), thing (ng has a nasal sound)

You can make the flashcards I shared and add your own words. Just cut blank 2" by 4 1/4" cards and write new words on them with marker. The best way to teach new words is to introduce them with known words that follow a similar phonics rule.

I'll be posting more ways to introduce and teach these words soon.

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Love your blog. I am looking forward to working on reading skills with my little one. Right now we are just learning letters and sounds since he is 2. New follower now :)