Consulting and Tutoring

Consulting and Tutoring can be done at my location or in your home. 
I charge $5 per 15 minutes of travel to your home.

$30 for a 30 minute session
$5 for an additional 15 minutes

Consulting can show you ways to help your child with reading. Help with sounding out, fixing mistakes, comprehension, and fluency will be shared. We will work together to find enjoyable and appropriate books for your child.

Tutoring includes Reading Pathways and Phonics Pathways, magnetic letters, a combination of phonics and high interest books, just the right amount of support to produce a confident reader, practice at home, and books to borrow. We will work on exactly what a student needs. Lessons are tailored to each student! The "in the moment teaching" that happens during the lessons is what makes my approach to reading tutoring effective. I learn about a student's gaps and needs during lessons. I can teach in that moment and plan for our next lesson.

You can contact me by phone or email.
Tutoring References:
"Michelle tutored my grandson for 2 years in reading and reading comprehension. My grandson was struggling with reading. The changes in his ability to pronounce and understand almost any word seemed miraculous to me. Ebin always looked forward to and enjoyed his time with Michelle." 
Mary Wood
Billings, Montana

"Thank you for tutoring my son. He now reads for enjoyment and is on honor roll. You should be very proud of the work you do." 
Kelly Timmons
Billings, Montana

"The year Michelle worked with my daughter made a world of difference. She is so confident now with her reading. She was able to move out of her special reading class at school."
Liza Strietmatter
Billings, Montana

Please contact me to set up a session.


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