Listen to Your Child Read Everyday!

Helping a child learn to read is easier than most parents think.

Find books that are at your child's reading level. If your child makes a mistake or takes a long time to sound out more than one in ten words, the book your child is reading is at frustration level. Easier books should be chosen.

Be patient.
Let your child know you are his or her audience.
You expect the story you hear to make sense, so you expect your child to fix anything that is confusing.

You can explain it like this. As you listen to a story there's a movie playing in your head. If something is not read correctly, the movie in your head gets fuzzy or stops. Ask your child to make a movie in his or her head too.

Hopefully your child will fix his or her reading or ask for help when something stops making sense. Let your child know if something didn't make sense to you. Give your child time to use and combine reading skills. Wait for your child to ask for help before pointing out a mistake or jumping in to show how to read a word.

It's okay to tell your child a word sometimes. You can point out letter sounds or ask your child to look at pictures and think about what might make sense, but you don't have to do it every time. You want to keep the flow of the story going, so your child's movie doesn't stop.
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Many children learn to read easily after a little instruction and being read to early and often. About thirty percent of children struggle. If a child starts to fall behind in reading and attends school, parents should not wait to get help for their child. School is all about reading. Even in math, children have to read story problems and directions. If a child falls behind in reading, they begin to feel stupid. Every day it gets worse. I've seen this first hand, and it breaks my heart.

Please visit my Parent and Child Reading Assistance website for more information about teaching reading.



World Read Aloud Day is March 5, 2014

I'm proud to announce another year hosting an event at my local library for World Read Aloud Day.
I'm giving away an autographed copy of Too Pickley by Jean Reidy and bookmarks.

If you don't know about LitWorld or World Read Aloud Day, I encourage you to check out their site, mission, and accomplishments.

You can celebrate World Read Aloud Day in big or small ways.

Look for activities on LitWorld's site.

The first year I learned about World Read Aloud Day, I told my kids the unbelievable number of people in our world that are unable to read, and we had a special read aloud time that night.

My kids have helped me celebrate in the past two years.  We've had a lot of fun. Check out what we've done. Maybe next year, or even this year, you'll want to be a World Read Aloud Day Ambassador.
2012 World Read Aloud Day Celebration Post
2013 World Read Aloud Day Celebration Post



Books for Early Readers

Choosing high quality books with just the right difficulty for early readers helps get them a good start with reading. I've tutored children with reading and have used these books with students.

Phonics Books -
The Now I'm Reading Series by Nora Gaydos is a great series to introduce and practice phonics. The colorful illustrations, fun animal characters, and surprise endings encourage children to read these books multiple times. Re-reading books is one of the best ways to help early readers become successful and transfer reading skills to new books.

Easy to Read Books -
The following search boxes include books that have some repeated phrases, easy words, and strong picture clues.



Encourage Kids to Read in a Comfortable Place

Here are a few ideas to create fun and comfortable places to encourage more reading in your house.

I just found some of the coolest indoor swings.
Of course I thought, "What a fun place for a child to read." I'm an affiliate with Amazon, so I'm going to link to my favorite swings. Just click on the pictures to check out the reviews and descriptions.

Indoor tents are great places to read.

Add a little comfort. . .

Early readers benefit from reading favorite books many times. I wrote a previous post about creating a collection of favorite books you may want to check out. Check out my Amazon Store if you are searching for some good books for your kids.