Make Sight Word Flashcards with Phonics Rules on Back to go with Free Online Stories

Starfall has free fiction and non-fiction books loaded with sight words. These books are available for free online. Many sight words follow phonics rules. I'm not a fan of teaching children to learn words by shape or sight. I prefer to call these words high frequency words. I've created a set of "sight" word flashcards with phonics rules on the back that include words found in Starfall's free fiction and non-fiction books. You can make these flashcards and teach children sight words in an organized way. Children will learn phonics rules and sight words at the same time. I'll be creating more posts soon describing how you can teach phonics with these flash cards.

Printing -
You will want to print the front of the flashcards on heavy 8 1/2" by 11" paper. Then flip the printed papers over and print the back side. Use these links to print. sight word flashcards - front  sight word flashcards - back

Sorry about the focusing problems. I couldn't get my camera to do any better.

Cutting -
Cut 1/2" off each end.

Then cut 2" strips.

Finally cut the strips in half at 4 1/4".

Would you like to find a few more simple ways to teach phonics? Read a lens I wrote at Squidoo.

I hope you found these directions easy. If you have questions or problems, leave me a comment. I'll give you more help if needed.


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Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas! I will be back here for sure.
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