Teach a Child to Read the Words NO and GO

Previously I posted high frequency word flashcards to print and cut. NO and GO are good words to start teaching. Make each letter sound. Then blend the sounds together. The n sound in no can be stretched. Make the n sound together until a child is ready to make the o sound. (nnnnnn-ooo) The g sound in go is a quick stop sound. You'll have to make the o sound quickly to make it sound like a word. You may want to use magnetic letters, show the flash cards, or write the words. Talk about how each word ends in the same sound. Explain that words with a vowel at the end usually make a long vowel sound. If you are using magnetic letters, mix up the four letters and see if your child can put the words back together.

Now that your child is familiar with the words NO and GO you can share read some books and let your child read these words.

Where's Spot is a fun lift the flaps book. An adult can point under the words in the story and read but stop and let the child read the when the word NO is pointed under.

Go, Dog, Go! is a book children want to read again and again. It was a favorite in my house. An adult can share read this book, pause at the word GO, and let the child know to read the word GO when it is pointed under.

Showing a child to point under words when reading is something that can be done while reading books with simple text to a child. I don't think pointing should be done every time but modeling it every now and then may be helpful. Beginning readers are encouraged to point under words while reading.

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Jackie H. said...

Good ideas. We read Go, dog, Go almost every night! Also, my son started reading the word "no" after reading "No, David"- and of course, right now we are reading, "It's Christmas, David!" which also features the word no.