Ways to Teach a Child to Read and Encourage a Child Read This Summer

Are you having a fun filled busy summer?

Are your kids reading as much as you think they should?

Have you taught your beginning reader as much as you'd like?
This post has ways to sneak in more reading this summer.

Here are a few ways to sneak in some extra reading time.

Check out some audio books from your library. Many libraries let you do this onlineMy kids like to draw, ride in the car, or relax on the couch or their beds when listening to stories. We download them onto their mp3 players. Sometimes we check out the book, so they can follow along.

Watch some free online stories. Free Online Stories for Children

Does Dad read? Have your kids pick out books they think Dad would enjoy. Get your kids to approach their dad with the books to be read. My husband reads with our kids sometimes, but it usually takes a little encouragementMaybe Dad is the primary reader of the family. Then encourage Mom, Grandma, or Grandpa to read a book or two.

Give each of your children their own gallon or two gallon ziplock bag to pack a few books they are reading or want to read. This is a safe way to transport books. Encourage your children to keep their bags of books handy. These take along books will be available to read during car trips, visits to friends and relatives, waiting rooms, and more. My kids read more when we pack books along. It might even keep your kids from doing the typical entertaining themselves by fighting and bugging each other. Kids who can't read yet can pack a bag of favorite books too. If a child has had a book read many times, the child will look at the pictures and remember the story. Pack a book for yourself too.



Lauralee Moss said...

Great ideas. We do these things, but reminders never hurt. Reading is so important.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

All excellent ideas! Off to check out those online stories =)

Jackie H. said...

Great ideas to switch it up with audio books, online books. I wish our library had downloadable audio books. Better put that in the suggestion box.