Have You Heard About Reach Out and Read?

Reach Out and Read is an organization that has been around for ten years giving books and read aloud advice to parents. Doctors give the books and advice to children and parents. Many children have been served and the program is an effective intervention. Children who are read to at home are better prepared to learn to read themselves.
Here's an uplifting promotional video for you to watch.

Check out their website to learn more about this organization.

Read Out and Read makes a difference. Watch how Reach Out and Read helped these parents.

Life is busy with three kids at home this summer and developing my Parent and Child Reading Assistance business, but I'm going to check with the organization and my children's doctor's office to make something happen with this program at their office. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Anyone else motivated to make something happen in your town?
Anyone else inspired to donate some money?
You could share this post to inspire others to help this organization.

Some federal funds have been cut from this program recently. They could use a little help.

Thanks for reading this post. Enjoy your summer. Read to your kids. Encourage your friends and family to read to their kids. Visit the library and stock up on books. Consider subscribing to my blog in the right hand sidebar to get new posts sent to your inbox.


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jillconyers said...

Hi Michelle. I loved your comment on my latest Healthy Kids post. I run with my son often. Thank you for tweeting!

I'm now a follower :)

Dr. Peggy Sissel-Phelan said...

I am the co-founder of the Arkansas branch - Reach Out and Read Arkansas, and I can't say enough about this fabulous program. Reach Out and Read is actually 22 years old, having been founded in Boston in 1989. Since that time, the program has proliferated around the nation and serves millions of children each year.