Phonograms and Blends

A beginning reader will benefit from practice with a few two letter phonograms and blends. Most readers will learn phonograms and blends not specifically taught if they are given the opportunity to practice and overlearn sounding out words with some of the most common phonograms and blends.
Phonograms and blends can be introduced, practiced, and taught in a number of ways.
1. Show in books.

2. Write words on paper.

3. Use a Magna-Doodle.

4. Write with finger paint.

5. Work with magnetic letters.

6. Have your child read phonics books with common phonograms and blends.



Lauralee Moss said...

Thanks again for the help. This is probably the next step for my son. He is so close to reading and gets excited about it! It is a wonderful process.

Michelle said...

You are very welcome Lauralee. When a child gets a good start in reading it is exciting. My wish is for every parent to experience exactly what you are right now.

Have a great summer! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. It gives me motivation even when I feel too busy to post.

Rebecca said...

I love the magna doodle idea. I bet I could find a couple of these on craigslist for my students :)