Teach VC Phonics Rule with Flashcards and Hop on Pop

I've been sharing phonics rules, flashcards, and ways to teach high frequency words on this blog.
Here's a link to access all the flashcard posts I've written. So far the words we have covered are no, go, me, we, but, fun, and run.

The words is, in, and on follow the VC phonics rule. Here's a video showing how to teach a child these words.

These words can be added to flashcards previously taught. Have a child practice these words daily and feel free to add words to blank flashcards that follow the same phonics rules a child is learning.

The first pages in Hop on Pop have the words is, in, and on. This is one of my favorite books to let a child practice using newly learned phonics rules. The reading of this book can be shared where an adult reads parts and a child reads parts.

Last year I made posts related to phonological awareness every Friday. I plan to make posts related to teaching with my printable flashcards every Friday for awhile. I hope you find these posts useful. If you have trouble printing the flashcards, let me know in a comment or send me an email at .


The Mom I Want To Be said...

Thanks for creating and sharing the flashcards. I'm going to have to dig Hop on Pop off of one of our many bookshelves :)

Jewel said...

Thank you for this helpful post. I have quite often dipped into your blog while my son has been learning to read (the past year), and found lots of useful info. He is now reading well, and I don't feel I need it so much any more. Thanks again.

Michelle said...

You are very welcome! Comments like yours keep me posting!

I'm happy you found useful info, Jewel! Be sure to let others know about my blog. I know there is a small window of time for readers of my blog if they are parents. If I share the right info, parents won't need to keep reading very long. That means I did my job.