Literactive - Free Early Reading Program with Games and Animated Stories

I can't believe this site is free. Register today and look around.
Don't miss the Flash activites. Look in the left column for pre-reading to level 7 activities. I checked out numerous games. There is one problem I found. The sound made for a short a by the computer sounds more like a short u. I suggest sitting with a child and making the correct short a sound during these games.

There are animated stories with games. The stories are grouped by nursery rhymes, traditional stories, poetry, and level 1 to level 5 stories. Look in the left column to find these options. You can turn the sound on or off to let a child listen to the words or read the words him or herself. There's a scope and sequence guide available for these online stories here.

This site makes it easy to start at any level. You don't have to go from beginning to end in this program. Play some of the beginning reading activities until a child is ready to read. A child will be ready to read the level 1 stories when he or she knows a few high frequency words, letter sounds, short and long vowels, diagraphs, blends, and some phonics rules.

Let's say you think a child is ready to read level 1 stories.
Practice high frequency words with the flashcards I shared on this blog to build some word knowledge. Then play the Hiding Snails game found in level 3 activities to practice reading high frequency words.

Hiding Snails
Go to site to find this game. Click on activities at the top and level 3 in the left column.

Play some CVC games found in level 3 activities like Sliding Penguins.

Sliding Penguins

Have a child read some predictable pattern books from level 1. Picture clues help a child know if a word is right, but a child should be encouraged to use letters when figuring out words. Many children learn to guess at words without using letters in books of this sort. Click on the last word in the story, Dad, to have the computer break the word into sounds. Have a child repeat, point, and read these words a few times with and without the computer.

The word wash is a good teaching word. Many words that start with wa sound like "wo". (walk, want, water, watch) Talk about what the dad is washing. Make sure a child looks at pictures when reading early reader stories.

The letters ch make one sound and the o in the middle of a CVC word will usually make a short sound in the word chop. Ask a child what the dad accidently chopped. Discuss the box the boy is holding is a first aid kit.

There's more to this story. Click on reading at the top and choose level 1 in the left column

I think you and your beginning reader will love using Literactive. Sit with a child, interact, and teach as you go.

Check out my Amazon Store for some of my recommended beginning reader books. You'll find categories in the right column. I suggest using a combination of phonics books and easy reader books with a beginning reader. Some phonics books can be boring, but they provide decoding practice that most beginning readers need.


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