Teach Blends with Magnetic Letters

Blends are tricky for some beginning readers. You can teach blending the letter sounds quickly together with magnetic letters.
When practicing blends I suggest teaching a few at a time with similar sounds.

L Family - cl, sl, fl, pl, bl, gl
R Family - br, cr, dr, fr, pr, tr, gr
Starting with S - sl, st, sp, sn, sc, sw, sk, sm
Starting with T - tr, tw
Starting with C - cl, cr
Starting with F - fl, fr
Starting with B - bl, br
Starting with P - pl, pr
Starting with G - gl, gr
Three Letter Blends - scr, spr, str, spl

Here's a video showing how I teach blends with a beginning reader.

Look for books with blends. Nora Gaydos has a Series of phonics books with quite a few blends. The stories are interesting and fun. My children and the students I've tutored loved to read them again and again. You'll find links to these stories in my Amazon store.

Practicing blends can be fun. It will help your beginning reader a ton. Try a few a day. Let your child think of some words with different blends. Practice making words with short vowels, long vowels, and vowel sound phonograms (ee, ay, ai, ow, ou, oy, oi, aw, au, ew, ui, oo, ea, ar, er, ir, ur, or, oa, ey, ei, ie, igh, eigh, oe, ough, and eu)


The Book Chook said...

It's so useful to see demonstrations of how to teach blends etc. Your videos are a great idea!

Laurie Wallin said...

I love Nora Gaydos's books! Three of my four girls learned to read on her materials. I never thought of doing blends with the magnet letters, though. Shows how much this former science teacher knows about teaching literacy! Great ideas - I'm using those with my kiddos asap!

Michelle said...

I think blends can be a stumbling block for some readers. Magnetic letters and teaching a child to hold a letter sound until the child is ready to make the next sound really helps.
It thrills me to know you are using some of the ideas I'm sharing here Laurie.
Thanks for the boost Book Chook.