Short Vowel Sound Books to Read After Learning VC and CVC Words

Have you printed the free high frequency word flashcards with phonics rules on the back I shared in a previous post? You may find them helpful. Make some blank flashcards to write more high frequency words you want your beginning reader to practice. Be sure to visit this link for more teaching ideas to use with the flashcards.

I've shown ways to introduce some VC words and CVC words. V stands for vowel and C stands consonant. If a child is comfortable reading words with short vowel sounds, it is time to try to add all the VC and CVC words to your pile of flashcards to practice. Add a few at a time and remind your reader to be ready for a short vowel sound.

VC - and, at, in, is, it, on, up
VCV - can, red, yes, did, big, this, will, with, not, but, fun, run

Here are some books I recommend for a child reading short vowel words. These are the most interesting phonics books I've found. If you have other suggestions for short vowel stories, please share in a comment.
Playful Pals
Animal Antics
Clever Critters
Starfall Learn to Read

I'm also recommending any Brand New Readers or any Scholastic Readers Level 1 to include stories with picture clues, some rhyming, and some repeated language ideal for beginning readers. I believe children should have a combination of phonics and easy reader books. Phonics books provide a child an opportunity to practice sounding out words but should not be the only books he or she is given to read.

If you want to learn about and practice some simple phonics, try out this site.


Dr. Madeline Boskey said...


Thanks for searching for books that make phonics learning fun. I know it is not always easy to find them. But I agree that it is so important for young/new readers to have a grasp of phonics.


Bethany said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing! :)

Ginger Snaps said...

I just started tutoring a 5 year old on Tuesdays because she is behind and her mother wants her to get help with her letters and sounds before she starts kindergarten so this blog is a good resource! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you are finding some helpful information. The top of this blog has links to pages. I created a page called My Best Teaching Advice. I need to update it. I made it so my blog would be user friendly. The labels on the side might help you find something. There is also a search topics on this blog box in the top right corner that works pretty good.