Printing Practice - Teach Letter Formation with Finger Paint

My favorite type of printing is manuscript form with mostly continuous strokes. This form is similar to D'Nealian printing. The videos in this post I share from my YouTube channel will be  manuscript printing. If you prefer ball and stick printing, you will find some links further down the page showing the correct formation for this type of printing. You can still teach ball and stick printing with finger paint. I taught my oldest son how to form cursive letters in third grade. He liked it, and his writing improved quickly. He transferred what he learned to writing with a pencil.
Getting Ready to Finger Paint

Teaching a child to form letters with finger paint is fun and allows a child to focus on the formation without the added skill of holding a pencil the proper way. Holding a pencil will develop with time and practice. I recommend having a child practice with paper and pencil also. The finger paint method is just a fun addition. You will probably get more cooperation from a reluctant child or a child with developing fine motor skills.

Forming the Letters a, c, d, and g

You can teach phonics rules and spelling with finger paint.

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