Phoneme Awareness Test - Phonological Awareness Friday

Welcome to Phonological Awareness Friday. I recently discovered The Reading Genie. I found a phoneme awareness test from the Reading Genie to find out if a child is aware of sounds in words and is ready to begin spelling and reading. Click on the highlighted link to check it out.
Is your child ready to read?
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Yes? Try out some flashcard learning from this blog, look in the label section, or check out my best teaching advice.

I'd like to share this resource also to let you know what to expect from a beginning reader.
Ready, Set, Read just posted a fun sound matching idea this week to develop phonological awareness in young children you should check out.


Jackie H. said...

Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen The Reading Genie before. You always find the best websites!

Dr. Madeline Boskey said...

Happy holidays to you, my blogging friend. I look forward to more collaboration in the new year.