Teach a Child to Decode Sight Words

I just came across an overview of how children learn to read words from the Reading Genie.
I hope you've printed my high frequency flashcards. I plan to show how to decode these words and learn them in groups according to phonics rules.

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Children will eventually learn these words by sight. The Reading Genie explains that children learn words quicker when they are taught phonics rules and how to decode words first. I'll help you do that. The learning that is done with the high frequency or sight word flashcards will transfer to new word learning. Very exciting!!!

The next step is finding decodable text to practice reading these words. I'll be sharing recommended decodable text for your beginning reader in upcoming posts.

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Erudition said...

Another great way to expose children to sight words is playing the game Erudition. Unfortunately, it's not free but it's definitely entertaining!