When To Seek Help For a Child's Reading Problems

Most research indicates that about 40% of children experience problems learning to read. 

This is a picture of my daughter. 

My daughter had some problems learning to read even though I read to her all the time and provided her with the same support as I gave her brothers. I noticed she was falling behind her twin brother in first grade. I began to teach her in the same manner I would tutor a child with reading, and she was able to catch up with her brother quickly. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I didn't have a teaching background and didn't know how to help. Many children fall behind in all subjects and label themselves as stupid when they experience problems with reading.

When should a parent find help for a child struggling with reading?
ANSWER: As soon as a problem is noticed! 

Read this article from Reading Rockets for more information about helping a struggling reader.

Solutions to reading problems are not one size fits all.
I welcome comments. Feel free to share anything about getting help for children with reading. 


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