What Are Phonemes?

Phonemes are the smallest units of sound in a language. It is important for readers to be able to hear and produce the smallest units of sounds before trying to learn to read or write.

Reading is blending small units of sound together and knowing what sounds letters and letter combinations make. Some words will be learned as sight words, but most words will be read by using letter and sound knowledge. The Reading Genie shows how words are eventually recognized quickly by sight after first sounding them out.

Writing is separating small units of sound and writing symbols that represent the sounds.

Online Games and Resources to Teach Phonemes and the Letters That Represent the Phonemes:

Online Games:
Sandcastle Quiz
Write a Postcard
Pumpkin Patch
Online Resources:
Reading Bear
Reading Rockets Explains Phonemic Awareness
Simple Games To Practice Hearing and Producing Phonemes
Test of Phoneme Identities from The Reading Genie

Some children are able to easily hear and produce separate sounds in words. Others may need a little practice. If you think hearing and producing separate sounds is an important skill, please share this post with others. You'll be helping those kids who need this skill and are being expected to read and write without it.


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