Reading Problems Can Be Linked to Phonological Weakness

What is phonological weakness?

I recommend reading a page from Super Hero Reading to see brain activity pictures and learn more about phonological weakness.
Phonological refers to the sounds of language. Here's a definition of phonological awareness from Phonological weakness means a person has difficulty hearing and producing separate sounds in language. This weakness would definately make learning to read and write difficult. Children who have phonological weaknesses tend to rely on learning words by sight and picture clues. This method of reading will work until about the middle of first grade.

I've tutored a number of children with reading and have personal experience with the way my own children learned to read. I've experienced success with all the students I tutored with reading.

Currently I'm tutoring a good friend's daughter who is in fourth grade. I've tutored her for about a year. She has not made the growth I expected. We have bumped up her tutoring sessions to twice a week with specific assigned home reading practice. I suspect she has phonological weakness and issues with dyslexia. I am not an expert on this subject and am learning as I go. Here's a great webinar about dyslexia I suggest you watch if you'd like more information about dyslexia.

I am using some Starfall phonics books, Level 1 and Level 2 books from the Now I'm Reading Series by Nora Gaydos, assigned lessons from K5 Learning, lessons from Reading Bear, Phonics Pathways pages, and a manual from Reading Horizons to follow a systematic phonics plan. We use magnetic letters and mark words in a notebook. You can find the books and magnetic letters I use in an Amazon store I've created with books and products listed by categories.

My three children keep me quite busy after school, so my friend's daughter is the only child I'm tutoring. She is my focus. Any suggestions or words of encouragement are welcome. Leave a comment or share a story. You can use the contact form on my website too.


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