Parents Can Test Reading Levels and Find Book Levels to Match

Parents don't have to leave testing reading levels to schools only. Parents now have a low cost option to test a child's reading level for an entire year with high quality fiction and non-fiction passages.

Total reader will give a child reading practice and provide a Lexile reading level to help in selecting books at or close to a child's reading ability. Children can get online from any computer and read passages of their choice to find out their Lexile reading levels as often as they like for an entire year for under $40. Total Reader makes this possible.

Parents can search for the Lexile reading level of books their children want to read at Lexile's Find a Book page. Scholastic Book Wizard helps parents and teachers search for books a child may want to read based on interests and similar books a child likes. Scholastic Book Wizard shows the Lexile level for books and lets you search by Lexile level. When you visit the Scholastic Book Wizard page you can select the Reading Level System by clicking on the arrow next to the words, Grade Level Equivalent.



Jackie H. said...

I hadn't heard of that but that's a great tool. So all of the assessment occurs online then? That would be nice in that the parent wouldn't need any "training" in any type of assessment. Does it just give a lexile or does it give any other information? Of course, my boys are way too young, but I'd love to pass on the info to others.

Michelle said...

Total Reader is a helpful tool that doesn't require any training. It will give a Lexile level to help match a reader's reading level to a book reading level. I think this is an area where parents could use a little help. I see parents in the library who are lost about which books are good for their children. Finding books that are not to easy or too hard is half the battle to increase a child's reading motivation!

There are many sites that help parents and teachers choose good books. If parents can combine researching good books with matching a child's reading level to interesting books, their children will be reading all the time.

Angel Read said...

Thats a good resource! In some of my classes I learned ways to test reading levels and then test books for readability, but it is pretty complicated and I doubt parents would want to do it at home on a regular basis! This seems much easier!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comment Angel Read.

It is easy. It's easy to look up a Lexile level for books. Most popular children's books have a Lexile level.