I'm a Proud Ambassador for LitWorld's World Read Aloud Day

Yes! It is official. I'm helping with a charity that is doing amazing things to improve literacy in the United States and Worldwide!

You can get involved with LitWorld on Facebook. LitWorld on Facebook

World Read Aloud Day - March 7, 2012

I will be setting up an event in Billings, Montana to promote World Read Aloud Day and do some fundraising. My goal is to raise at least $100 for Litworld. The ambassador who raises the most money will be honored at LitWorld's Gala in May of 2012. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I ordered 250 bookmarks to celebrate World Read Aloud Day.

Helping this growing organization meet it's goals is very exciting.

What will LitWorld Accomplish?
By 2014: Help one million children learn to read.
By 2016: Equip ten thousand literacy leaders to effect change that will impact ten million children across the globe.

Check out this video and visit LitWorld's website to learn more.

Here is a video of Pam Allyn sharing about LitWorld's mission.

I was given two of Pam Allyn's books as a thank you for being an ambassador.

Here's an interview with Pam Allyn, the founder of LitWorld, talking about one of her books.

I'm going to get Pam's newest book next!



Toddler Approved said...

Awesome! What a great opportunity.

The Book Chook said...

Congratulations! You're such a passionate supporter of children's literacy - I think they made the right choice!

Jackie H. said...

Great post! I just set up my storytime for World Read aloud day at a local bookstore! I'm so excited! Your post is very informative and I love the video with Pam Allyn.

Michelle said...

Thanks for your support everyone.

I still need to set up my event at a local book store. I'm thinking Barnes and Noble. What book/books are you reading? I'll probably email you with questions etc. Isn't LitWorld a great organization?

Dr. Madeline Boskey said...

Great post, Michelle. I want to figure out how to post the video and images on my blog as well. I am having a little party for my girlfriends on February 2--as a book exchange and fundraiser. I am also planning to read at my friend's nursery school class. Very excting stuff!