Help Early Readers with Fluency and Reading with Expression

Most early readers struggle with fluency and reading with expression. This is normal. Early readers are practicing reading skills. Children must learn to walk before they can run. Until they learn to run on their own. Show them what it feels like to "run while reading" by reading outloud often. Here's a link to some free online stories you can include in your family's busy life. I've set my kids up with stories online. They love them. I sometimes put stories on the computer in the kitchen while I cook. That way we can talk about the story when it's over. Here's a link to some free online stories.
Here is a list of a few skills early readers need to combine to read fluently and with expression.
1. Match letters and letter combinations to sounds.
2. Blend sounds together.
3. Remember blending sounds together in a particular word until the word is an automatic recall for the brain.
4. Think about the story. Anticipate what words will be coming up. What might happen next? Are the questions in my head getting answered? How do I feel? Is this story like another story? This reminds me of . . .  _________ . The character in this story feels . . . ________ . My favorite book to help teach children to think while reading is 7 Keys to Comprehension.
5. Learn to combine sounding out, automatic recall, and thinking by reading and rereading books.

I still read to my 8 year old son, 8 year old daughter, and 10 year old son. Yes, my youngest children are twins. It's a challenge finding time in our busy lives to read, but when I make it a priority it happens. The last three favorite chapter books were. . .

Here's a few good free online stories to get you started.
Mouse Was Mad
Even Monster's Need Haircuts
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Take a look around the free online stories link for more.
Here's a link to some stories I think are good to read to young children.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

These sound like great tips!

Jackie H. said...

I agree. So important for comprehension building. That's a great list of skills to work on to improve fluency!

Sofia's Ideas said...

You made a good point; I think some parents discontinue reading with their kids once they begin to read for themselves but we should do it as long as they are willing to listen...