Book Introductions on Video: Playful Pals by Nora Gaydos

I've created book introductions for all ten phonics stories in my favorite phonics series for learning short vowel sounds. The phonics books are in a set called Playful Pals by Nora Gaydos. I don't show or read the inside of the books since the books are copyrighted.

Here's the video of book introductions for Playful Pals. I included work with magnetic letters for the first two books.

I'm creating a video with more magnetic letter work, phonics rules, and help for beginning readers. This is a portion of the video in progress. Let me know what you think in a comment. I'm testing my ideas out on my readers. Free stuff for you; feedback for me.


MaryAnne said...

Your videos are very nicely done. I prefer reading (with pictures) about an activity over seeing it demonstrated in video format, but
I'm sure some people prefer video. I know video reviews have become quite popular!

Michelle said...

Thanks for taking a look at my videos, MaryAnne. I should include a scripted introduction that a parent could use to demonstrate the magnetic letter work and oral introductions when I make my video available for sale. Thanks for your input.
I can't show the inside of the books because of copyright laws.

The Book Chook said...

Good for you, Michelle! Lots of parents feel unsure about teaching reading, and your videos will certainly show the nitty gritty of letter work.

Michelle said...

Thanks Susan from The Book Chook! As soon as I'm finished with this video I'm going to give the books and video to a neighbor and my cousin to try out with their kids. I will then make changes and improve this video and future videos based on their feedback. Comments on my blog will also help me make these videos the best they can be.

I have ideas for more phonics videos and a video titled, Ways to Help a Beginning Reader and Writer.

Your Monster Maddie book looks great! I shared a link about it on Facebook. Nice work! http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Teach-Children-to-Read/103519196359196