Do You Share? Do You Share Read?

Beginning readers should be read to often. A great way to get beginning readers interested in reading is to share read some books. Ask a beginning reader to jump in and read parts when he or she feels comfortable. Encourage a beginning reader to ask questions, talk about the story and pictures, and even share how a book is similar to another book or something that happened in his or her life.
What is shared reading?
Shared reading will be different every time depending on your purpose. Most resources show ways to share read with a group of children. Think how powerful shared reading will be with just one child, your child.

Here's a video of my daughter and I share reading a book.

Check out these resources for more information about shared reading:
Shared Reading: An Effective Instructional Model

What Is Shared Reading?

Books with Rhyming and Repeated words and phrases work well for shared reading. You may want to check out this post for some book ideas.
I recommend phonics books and whole language books for beginning readers to read independently. You could share read these books too until a child is ready to take over the job.
Offer as much support as necessary.
Joanne Meier has written an excellent article for Reading Rockets called, How to Read with a Beginning Reader.
Phonics Books

Whole Language Books

Check out Good Books For Beginning Readers for more books.
Consider Total Reader for a child moving beyond the beginning reading stage.



Karen Dawkins said...

My daughter loves shared reading. We read together to the dog! :) She especially loves to read Wacky Wednesday -- I'm amazed that she still likes to "look for" all the wacky things. Repetition is a good thing :D

Lauralee Moss said...

My son also reads to the dog! He also reads to his little sister, which is adorable. It is cute and purposeful. :) His favorite is Brown Bear because he has it memorized.

Aunt Annie said...

Yep, this is great. I have great fun share readings with groups of very young children... it really helps focus them.