Spelling Words with Magnetic Letters and a Resource to Teach Reading

Last Monday I shared a way I'm helping my seven year old twins with spelling. I'm making a list of words I find in their school work and journals of common words they misspell. Then they practice these words by mixing up magnetic letters and putting the words back together. Their lists are put on the refrigerator to see everyday.
I think this is a good way to learn to spell words before a wrong spelling is practiced too many times. My son wants to know when he can get a word off the list. I should make a plan for that I guess. I'm thinking of making a monthly list, taking a test, and starting a new list every month. If a word is missed, it gets added to the next month's list.

Here are the words we added today.

These are the spellings I found.

These are the correct spellings. My children will mix up these words and put back them back together with magnetic letters a few times this week.

Here are their lists for the refrigerator.



The Book Chook said...

Such a simple idea, yet so useful. Thanks Michelle!

mas raden said...

thats very brilliant idea . ..
thanks for sharing