Common Two Letter Phonograms to Learn and Practice: Video and Flashcards

Beginning readers need to learn letter and vowel sounds to read. The individual sounds of language and the letters that represent these sounds are called phonograms. Children usually learn single letter phonograms including soft c, soft g, long vowels, and short vowels first. There are many resources to teach these sounds.
This post gives you a video and free phonogram flashcards to use to teach and practice some common two letter phonograms.

Here's a video I found with the following phonograms. (ee, ea, sh, ch, oo, oo, ou, ar, or, ir, ow, oy, oa, ow, ay, ai)

You can print common two letter phonograms on heavy paper to make your own flashcards.

Visit this link to find free phonogram flashcards to print.

You may want to print your cards on heavy weight paper and use the directions on this page to cut your flashcards.

You will need to cut half an inch off the top and bottom to make the flashcards a uniform size.

When you cut 1/2 inch off the bottom, your paper should be 10 inches long.

Next you cut 2 inch strips.

Cut them in half at 4 1/4 inches.

Stay tuned.
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