Phonograms and Flashcards

Phonograms are letters that make up sounds. Phonograms can be one letter, or they can be a combination of letters. This post contains words with phonograms you may want to start teaching your beginning reader from the free printable high frequency flashcards I shared in a previous post.
Here are some words from the flashcards grouped by phonogram:
ay - play, way, away
ar - are
or - for
ow - how now, down
ow - yellow
ou - out, house
oo - too
ng - thing

You may want to add other high frequency words you find with the same phonograms. Just add a few at a time to learn. Cut cards the same size as the ones you printed and write the new words with a black marker. I suggest keeping words with the same phonics rules or phonograms right next to each other in the flashcard pile while practicing. This will help your beginning reader make patterns and connections.

Here are some resources I found online you may find helpful when teaching phonograms.
Phonograms and Spelling Rules

You may want to make flashcards with phonograms only for your beginning reader.

Are you using these flashcards? Let me know how it's going in a comment.


Marybeth Santos said...

I am enjoying your site! Very helpful. My 5 yr old is already reading simple sentences. though I am finding that when it comes to teaching the whys behind some of the rules I am having trouble explaining. Alot of your posts are helpful to my own understanding! -Thanks!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you are finding some useful information. Thanks for following.
You are the reason I write this blog. Enjoy this special time with your son!

Jackie H. said...

thanks! This is very timely information as many first graders are in the period of the school year where they are starting to get at words by using analogies and learn these word families really well. I'd love to link to this post in a future post I'm thinking about doing if that's ok?

Michelle said...

That would be great Jackie! Thanks for commenting. It's nice to know when something I share is helping a parent, teacher, or child.