Songs to Teach Phonological Awareness: Phonological Awareness Friday

Welcome to Phonological Awareness Friday.
Songs for Teaching has free music clips to teach some phonological awareness skills. You may choose to buy from the site, but I thought a person could use the free clips as an introduction to different skills. You don't get the whole song. I think part of a song might be enough to introduce a skill. I'm providing links to my favorite clips and an activity you could try after listening to the clip.

Clapping Syllables
Clap the syllables in other words.

Long and Short Words
Look for long and short words in books you read.

Listen for Rhymes
Listen for rhymes in books you read.

Clap if you hear words that rhyme and shake your head if the words don't rhyme.
Try this with your own word combinations.

Rhyming Words
Make your own lists of rhyming words.

Segmenting Phonemes
Separate the phonemes in other words.

Phoneme Deletion
Another Phoneme Deletion
Take away a sound in other words to make new words.

Phoneme Manipulation
Play with your own words. Magnetic letters might be fun to use.


Jackie H. said...

I love these kinds of songs. Kids find them funny and they don't know they are learning when they are manipulating the sounds in the songs! Thanks for sharing these.

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