Phonological Awareness Is an Often Overlooked Reading Skill

Phonological Awareness is the ability to hear, say, and manipulate the sounds in language. I plan to create user friendly posts every Friday to help readers of this blog understand phonological awareness, assess a child's abilities, and find ways to teach phonological awareness. LD Online has a must read article I encourage you to check out. Phonological Awareness: Instructional and Assessment Guidelines 
Most of my research outlines the skills of phonological awareness as: rhyming songs, sentence segmentation, syllable segmentation and blending, onset-rime blending and segmentation, and blending and segmenting individual phonemes. The skills are listed in order of easy to more difficult.

This video I found on YouTube may help you make more sense of phonological awareness.

Teachers, homeschoolers, and parents may find these printable activities helpful.

If you are wanting to get started teaching phonological awareness right away, try reading nursery rhymes and other books with rhyme.

Try these fun online reading games to practice phonological awareness with a child:
Blending Bowl
Sassy Seals
Pumpkin Patch

Be sure to check out this resource page to get a full picture of phonological awareness.

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Find a few books to help teach phonological awareness here.


Jewel said...

I like the blending bowl game - I am going to try it with my son later today. Have given you a retweet so that others can share this.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the retweet, Jewel. If you are interested in other online games, check out the page at the top of my blog called LINKS to Online Reading Games.

teachmama said...

great idea, Michelle, I think that for most people, the idea of 'phonological awareness' is more scary than it needs to be. If we teach parents fun ways of playing with individual sounds in words, they'll realize that it's easier than they think to help build this foundation!

Please consider sharing this video on 'we teach'; I bet others may find it useful!

Kylie said...

Hi Michelle, visiting from weteach, thanks for sharing. I am now following and looking forward to your upcoming posts :)