Parents Who Read Aloud to Their Children Set Them Up for Reading Success!

You can make a difference in this world by spreading this message and encouraging parents to read aloud to their children from birth.

My Parent and Child Reading Assistance business recently became a partner with Read Aloud 15 MINUTES. Here's a graphic Read Aloud 15 MINUTES produced.

I've come across a number of organizations that promote reading aloud. There are many ways you can help. You can support an organization financially or by spreading information through social media. You can make personal connections with parents you know. Share books or have encouraging conversations.

When my niece had a baby, the first thing I did was send her board books for babies and some books that would interest a toddler. I found most of them at a used store. Her parents and grandma read to her often. She is three years old now and loves when someone reads to her.

My community recently set up Reach Out and Read at The Children's Clinic. Children are given age specific books and read aloud advice from pediatricians at every well visit. We are working on sustaining and growing Reach Out and Read. 

I'm proud of the work being done in my community to promote reading aloud. Our library has story times and activities for children and parents. Books and Babies shows parents and caregivers how to read to babies. There's a women's organization that promotes reading aloud to children through presentations and by giving a touch and feel board book and literacy resources to every baby born in Yellowstone County. United Way gives away books and literacy information through a local Reading Matters program.

Here's a page with a list of organizations I've found that promote reading aloud to children. I'd love to know about more organizations or your stories of reading aloud to children in a comment.

Set children up for reading success. 
We can all do something big or small. 
It all matters.


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