How Do Children Learn to Read?

Here's a picture of my oldest son.

He's one of three children. I read to him from the time he was a baby. He was reading before he started school. If I only had one child, I could've been fooled into thinking all parents had to do is read to their children to turn them into successful readers. He has twin siblings. My other two children were read to just as much, but they didn't learn to read as easily. In fact one struggled a lot.

I recently found an amazing resource for parents. It's Nemours Reading Bright Start! There are book recommendations and activities for all ages. 

My other advice is for parents is to get their children help with reading if they fall behind in reading by first grade. One on one help is the most effective way to help a struggling reader. Tutoring is a good option, but usually expensive and time consuming. Another option is online help. I have some online reading programs I highly recommend.

Children will learn to read at their own pace and make the connections needed with experience. Parents can help their children learn to read by exposing children to language, good books, and interacting in ways recommended by Nemours Reading Bright Start.


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