Books for Kids

Finding the right books for a child to read is one of the best ways a parent can help their child with reading. Reading skills improve with time spent reading. Getting a child to choose to read can be a challenge.

My youngest son didn't like to read two years ago.
He could read, but he didn't choose to read.
Now I can't stop him.

He's reading 10 books to everyone 1 book his twin sister reads. I can't get him to turn off his light at night. He reads when he gets home from school. He takes his book in the car to read on the way to gymnastics.

What did I do?

I helped him create images and try to make a movie in his head when he read. I got tips to do this from the book 7 Keys to Reading Comprehension. I also found him books he loved to read. His favorites in the beginning were action adventure, sports, and motorcycle riding.

Click on this picture to find a page from my Parent and Child Reading website to help you find books your kids will love to read.


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Madeline Boskey said...

What a great post! Congratulations!

Yes, finding books that match children's interests is key. It might take some trials and experimentation, but letting the interests be a guide to finding candidate books is a wonderful first step.