Common Core State Standards Webinar with Pam Allyn

Are you learning about Common Core State Standards?

I taught elementary school before Common Core State Standards. I'm not currently teaching in a classroom, but I'm working to learn more about Common Core State Standards since I'm a parent and still involved with education.

I found a wonderful webinar today with Pam Allyn, literacy expert and founder of LitWorld. You will learn more about Common Core writing and reading standards in the video. Pam Allyn's knowledge and positive attitude helped me learn and get excited about the future of our education system! I felt inspired after this webinar and had to share it with readers of Beginning Reading Help right away. Watch the video to get a little inspiration of your own today! 

Pam Allyn also has written a book called, Be Core Ready.

World Read Aloud Day from LitWorld is coming up March 6, 2013.
Check out this link to learn more about LitWorld and World Read Aloud Day.

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