Hearing Separate Sounds in Words is Important When Sounding Out Words

This may seem simple to most people, but it's not. Many children who struggle with reading need some help and practice hearing the separate sounds in words. Being able to hear and say separate sounds in words in called phonemic awareness. Each sound is called a phoneme. The written representation in called a grapheme. Here's an extremely useful list of phonemes and the letter representations of each phoneme. I recommend you make a copy of this list and use it as a resource.
Here are some free online games children can play to practice hearing separate sounds in words:

Click on the name of each game to visit the site of the free online game.
Pumpkin Patch: This games has a child listen to a word and match the pumpkin with the sound of the word without it's beginning sound. No letters are used. It is a listening activity.
Sassy Seals: A young seal will feed a fish with the same sound as the word his dad seal says when a child clicks on the fish. No letters are used. It is a listening activity.
Space Spins: Click to spin an alliteration sentence. (Alliteration means using the same beginning sound in a group of words.) Most words in the sentences have the same beginning sound. You can choose just to listen, or you might want to have a child try to repeat some sentences.

I'll be adding more information about phonemic awareness and ways to practice this skill every Saturday for period of time. I'll label these posts Separate Sounds Saturday.

Reading Rockets has some phoneme awareness activities you may want to try.
My next Separate Sounds Saturday post will include videos of some phonemic awareness games I shared in a previous post. Please check back or sign up with Feedburner in my sidebar.


Vicky said...

I can't wait to check out those sites. Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for new sites to share with my kids. I am a new follower from No Time For Flashcards. Vicky from Mess For Less

Wise Owl Factory said...

I am glad to leran about more sites, how refreshing. Thank you more great educational information. Carolyn