Teach Phonograms with Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? is filled with common two letter phonograms. Have you printed the free phonogram flashcards I shared in a previous post?

Here are the two letter phonograms you can point out while reading Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? to your child. (oo, ow, ou, or, ee, ea, ai, ur, ar, er, ew, oi)

This is a good book to start introducing how two letters can work together to make one sound. You can start by introducing the oo sound.
The letters oo are in a bunch of words in this story.
(moo, rooster, hoo, choo, too, doodle-doo, boom)

ow - Brown, cow, how, owl
ou - about
or - cork, horse, horn, door
ee - bee, feet, eek
ea - squeaky
ai - rain, train
ur - blurp, slurp
ar - smart, hard
er - rooster, wonderful, whisper, butterfly, wonder, thunder
ew - chewing
oi - noise

Most children love this story read to them over and over. You can point out one or two phonograms each time you read the story. This story was one of my children's favorite books. Have fun and let your child help you read this story from memory or from looking at the words.

I've posted a few other ways to teach phonograms on this blog. Visit this link to find more ways to teach phonograms.

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