Teach a Child to Read and Spell Using Magnetic Letters and Writing a Grocery List

Do you dread taking your children to the grocery store? I've found that my children behave better when they are my helpers. One way to get your children helping is to have them make a grocery list.

You can use your set of magnetic letters to help a child sound out and spell items on a grocery list.

You will be able to teach phonics rules, rule breakers, letter sounds, and special letter combinations. Here's a resource to help you separate sounds in words to help you teach a child to separate sounds needed to spell words. Here's a helpful list of sounds in words and their spellings.

After spelling a word, see if your child can mix up the letters and put the word back together. Encourage your child to make the sounds of letters and letter combinations as he or she puts them in place. Your child can use the magnetic letters to copy the word onto his or her grocery list.

Make your child in charge of finding and checking off items on his or her list. If you have more than one child, you could split up different sections of the grocery store.

This post from Ready Set Read gave me inspiration for today's post.

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