Two Simple Phonics Rules to Teach a Child When to Use a Short or Long Vowel Sound

Generally when a vowel is at the end of a word or syllable the vowel will have a long sound, and when a vowel is alone between two consonants the vowel will have a short vowel sound. I like to say a vowel is a brave vowel at the end and will say its own name, and when a vowel is hiding between two consonants it is shy and says a short sound. This can be used with the two vowels together rule too. I say when a vowel has a friend it is brave too. The first vowel says its own name.
Here's a video demonstration I created using magnetic letters showing two simple phonics rules. You can purchase the magnetic white board and magnetic letters at my Amazon Store. I make a small percentage from anything purchased from Amazon if you access Amazon from my site.


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