Letter Learning Websites

My Favorite Websites for Children Learning the Alphabet:

Starfall ABC - Find animations, videos, pictures, and sounds on this site.

Kangaroo Confusion - Practice matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters by helping baby kangaroos find their moms.

A B C D Watermelon - Kids can play a game that names letters and stops at random places. Players are asked to pick which letter comes next. Players are given three choices. It's called ABCD Watermelon, because the game says watermelon instead of the letter when it stops. You might get a few giggles out of this game.

Adorable Alphabet Song - Check out this fun alphabet song. Kids will want to watch this over and over.

Reading Bear - Reading Bear has links to videos and ideas to teach the alphabet.

Online Alphabet GameA cartoon character asks players to identify one letter out of four cards by clicking on the correct card. The cartoon character changes the way he asks and responds to answers. There is a little advertising on the site, but it isn't too distracting.

Fisher-Price Learn Your ABCs - Fisher-Price shares a game that includes letters changing into the next letter in the alphabet, the alphabet song, and a screen for learners to click on letters to hear the letter names.

Fisher-Price ABC Zoo's Learning GameHear the alphabet song and click on letters to see animals that begin with the letters clicked.

Bembo's ZooClick on letters from a screen with all letters of the alphabet. You'll hear an animal noise and see the spelling of the animal's name that starts with the letter clicked. Flash animation changes the letters in the name of the animal into a picture of the animal.

TinyGrads Learn the Alphabet Video - Watch a video of people using their bodies to make each letter of the alphabet.

There are some great alphabet books available. They range from simple to filled with content that interests older children. A parent could work on letter identification with a young child and read aloud a book to interest older siblings. Check out my favorite alphabet books.

Make learning letters fun. When you are out and about with a child learning letters, think about having conversations like this. "Do you see the S on that sign? S is the first letter in the word STORE. Say the word with me, S-S-S-TORE. S makes the "sssss" sound."


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