My Favorite Online Learning Sites for Beginning Readers

Click on the explanation to link to a site.

Listen to unique songs for each letter of the alphabet.

Find songs, animation, and interactive learning when learner clicks on appropriate places on the screens. This site is packed with a lot of learning.

Match baby (lowercase) kangaroos to mommy (uppercase) kangaroos.

Play a silly letter identification game with the traditional ABC song.

Listen to and match beginning sounds in a game called Sassy Seals.

Watch an animation of words act out their meanings.

Listen to and choose correct beginning sounds of words.

Listen to a word and choose the correct spelling.

Match words with sounds. There are three levels and you can choose ending sounds, beginning sounds, or rhyming words.

Choose sounds and then watch and listen as the sounds are made closer and closer together until the sounds become a word.

Focus on the beginning sound and find the word that matches a picture.

Find books, games, and videos to teach beginning reading skills in the Learn to Read section.

Take your pick of the many reading games offered or have a story read to you.

Choose the beginning and endings of words you hear. A cartoon blender will tell you if you’re right.

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