Handwriting Practice Videos

Handwriting and letter formation can be taught without worksheets or even a pencil.
You can use a large laminated piece of construction paper or the slick side of freezer paper taped to a table.
Here's a video showing how to get the finger paint ready to become a writing surface. The letter shows up white after pressing into the paint with a finger.

Here's a video showing forming letters grouped by starting points and formation. I use D'Nealian or manuscript style printing in my videos. You can use finger paint to teach a child other styles of printing too.

Using index fingers is easier than using pencils for many young children.
A child can learn proper letter formation without the added stress of holding a pencil properly. Using finger paint and a child's index finger allows a child to learn proper letter formation before his or her fine motor skills are strong enough to use a pencil correctly. A child will use the index finger of his or her dominant hand to form letters.

A child can be given extra support while learning to write letters with finger paint.
An adult can show first. A child can place his or her finger right behind an adult's finger as a letter is formed. A child can trace a letter already written. A child can try to make a letter on his or her own. A letter can be quickly wiped away and tried again.

Here are videos of how to print each letter of the alphabet using D'Nealian or Manuscript Printing.
Print the letter a.
Print the letter b.
Print the letter c.
Print the letter d.
Print the letter e.
Print the letter f.
Print the letter g.
Print the letter h.
Print the letter i.
Print the letter j.
Print the letter k.
Print the letter l.
Print the letter m.
Print the letter n.
Print the letter o.
Print the letter p.
Print the letter q.
Print the letter r.
Print the letter s.
Print the letter t.
Print the letter u.
Print the letter v.
Print the letter w.
Print the letter x.
Print the letter y.
Print the letter z.

Find free handwriting and cursive resources in this post from K5 Learning's blog.

Why not add a little phonics and sounding out while you are writing?



Jackie Higgins said...

Great videos! Love it!

Rebecca said...

this is VERY helpful! Thanks for the resources. I loved how you integrated phonics instruction. I look forward to trying this out next year!

RainbowsWithinReach said...

Baby steps.... baby steps.

Isn't it great that you can indeed make letters w your very own 'pencil/finger'??

Great support for the recluctant.

Deb Chitwood said...

Great post and videos! I love the idea of using phonics to teach the sounds and to sound out words while introducing the writing with fingerpaint. Deb @ LivingMontessoriNow.com

Unknown said...

My daughter would love this idea. She loves art and making messes! She wouldn't even know she was learning to write!

Stopping by from Mom Loop

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Very nice! My kids enjoy writing letters in cornmeal, so I'm sure they would like this even more!