Magnetic Letters Can Be Organized And Used To Teach Reading

I've made posts describing ways to use magnetic letters when teaching a child to read.
Magnetic letters are powerful tools!
Many teachers and parents find keeping magnetic letters organized difficult. Do you?
Here's a simple way to keep magnetic letters organized! Find a 24 compartment box in the hardware, automotive, craft, or fishing tackle section of a store. I found this one in the fishing tackle section of a sporting goods store. I've also found some for under five dollars in the automotive section of Walmart.

File folder labels work great to label compartments. I use red and blue markers, because I use color coded magnetic letters. Any color of magnetic letters will work though. Since there are 26 letters and only 24 compartments, the letters w and x and y and z are combined in the last two compartments.

This picture shows a set of durable foam magnetic letters with a layer of magnet firmly attached to the back. Wouldn't you love to have letters organized like this for easy access?

The letters w and x, and y and z share.

The next pictures show a few ways to play with words. Letters can be used on the floor, table, or an upright magnetic surface.

So what are you waiting for? Organize some magnetic letters and get using them more often!

Magnetic letters are fun and effective tools to teach reading.



Hazel Nut said...

What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I love that it is portable, my 2 year old would love to be able to take his letters everywhere!

Unknown said...

I also agree it is a good idea. My littl 'un likes to spell out words using foam letters on the sides of the bath, which seems to be a similar idea.

Vanessa @pre-kpages said...

Great post, very helpful! We must be on the same wavelength, I just scheduled a post for Sunday that features the way I sort my magnetic letters too!

Unknown said...

Love the sorting box. :) Sure is handy!