Teach Basic Phonics

I've put together a video to help you teach basic phonics.
I share information about teaching letter sounds and basic phonics rules.
I show you how to introduce books from the Playful Pals early reader book set.
I show you how to use magnetic letters to have early readers practice reading, spelling, and phonics rules.

Here are the magnetic letters, magnetic easel, and books I use in the video:

Magnetic Learning Letters - Lowercase

Magnetic Letter Organizer with Adjustable Dividers
Here's a post that shows how I organized my magnetic letters.

Magnetic Tabletop Learning Easel

You can check out Hop on Pop from the library or purchase from a local book store.
Here's a PDF of Hop on Pop and an app for Hop on Pop - Dr. Seuss.

Short-Vowel Pals

Playful Pals (Click on the text to purchase from Innovative Kids.)

The video I created is over an hour long. You can use the video as a reference and training resource for you to teach everything yourself, or you can have a child watch certain parts before reading books and doing magnetic letter work.

I posted some of the content from my Basics Phonics video on YouTube.
Here are three videos showing teaching VC and CVC phonics rules.

You can purchase this video by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog and purchasing through my PayPal link. Enter $10.00 as the amount. This will include shipping. Make sure you enter your mailing address and let me know you are purchasing the Basic Phonics Video. The video is in DVD format. Please come back and share a comment if you purchase the video and find it useful.

Here are three videos showing a book introduction and magnetic letter work for a book from the Playful Pals book set.


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