Monthly Poll March 2013

Here are the results from last month's poll.

What do you find most challenging when helping a beginning reader?

finding good books
4 votes

knowing how to help a child sound out words
3 votes

knowing what is expected of a beginning reader
5 votes

knowing a reader's strengths and weaknesses
6 votes

There were 18 votes and most votes went to knowing a reader's strengths and weaknesses. When I trained as a Reading Recovery teacher I used knowing a reader's strengths and weaknesses to teach a reader.

It's hard to explain teaching this way. I can't give an exact lesson plan for this. This can only be done during supporting a reader one on one. That is why informed parents are so important. Parents who know their children and know how to help can have a bigger impact than a teacher in a class full of children. Reading Recovery is a successful program because it is tailored to individual student needs. The program is quite costly. My children's school district and the school district where I was trained and taught Reading Recovery no longer uses the program.

I strongly believe that helping parents is the way that I can help the most children learn to read.
Here's a page to find Reading Resources to get you started on your learning. Feel free to ask me specific questions. I'll address your question in a future post or answer you personally. 


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