How to Get Children Reading More

Children become better readers by reading more.

Some children read a lot. 
Others need encouragement.

This post will address common reasons children avoid reading and a few solutions.

Many children avoid reading because it's hard for them.
1. Find a reading program
2. Teach your child to read yourself 
3. Find a reading tutor.

Children are bored or confused by what they are reading.
1. Find reading material that interests a child. This post from Children's Books and Reading will give you some ideas for finding reading material of interest.
2. Read part of what your child is reading aloud together. Takes turns reading, talk, and share thoughts. You can help a child understand what is read through simple interactions. Find more information about this here.
3. Use Total Reader to find out a reading level for your child and use Find a Book or Scholastic Book Wizard to search for books that interest your child close to your child's reading level.
4. Research good books online.
5. Ask other parents or your child's friends to suggest good books.
6. Choose books together at the library, online, or in a store.
Finding a book your child will choose to read instead of playing a video game or watch a TV show is possible. It happens around my house from time to time.

Children aren't motivated to read.
1. Motivate your child by providing time to read and encouragement.
2. Find an incentive program at your local library or a local book store.
3. You can set up an incentive program online by registering for free with Book Adventure.
4. Read free online books and donate a book to a school or charity of choice at We Give Books.
5. Let kids stay up later if reading.
6. Buy a head lamp flashlight for reading in the dark. Sportsman LED Headlight
7. Create a special reading area in your home.
8. Have books in the car and other places where children have to wait. Pack books in a ziplock bag or purchase a reading device to have books ready for reading anytime anywhere. Kindle Fire
9. Help your child create a box of favorite books. Young readers benefit from reading books more that once.

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Jackie Higgins said...

Great ideas. I really like your ideas for motivating kids to read. It's nice to have an online program for motivating readers in case a local library doesn't have one or -- like at our library-- it's seasonal. This will keep kids reading all year!