My Favorite Programs to Teach Reading

I've recommended many free sites to teach reading on this blog. There are numerous resources available with advice for parents to teach their children to read.

Are you a parent trying to teach a child to read? Are the resources you find online or in books enough? If not, you are not alone. Many parents find it challenging to teach their children to read.

I believe parents make the biggest impact on a child learning to read. Parents lay the ground work by reading to their children, reading with their children, and helping their children find good books. Not all parents want to learn and teach the mechanics of reading.

I work hard to share helpful information with parents teaching their children to read, so I'm still encouraging you to do what you can to teach your child about reading. 

My favorite online programs to teach reading are The Reading Teacher and Reading Horizons. You can find out more about these programs on my Parent and Child Reading Assistance website's Reading Programs page.

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ThisBusyLife said...

When my children were little and my oldest entered kindergarden her teacher gave her lots of phonics based activities to do at home with me. She loved and soon began reading. Then my three year old began crying, "Teach me to read too." That summer we went to garage sales and scoured the books until we found some old fashioned readers and we used them with her.