I'm Thankful for Organizations that Improve Literacy Around the World

I can read. My children can read. We are able to enjoy and learn through this ability. Many children and adults are less fortunate.
Sometimes it's easier not to think about the challenges of others.

We think . . . "What can I really do about it?"

Here are a few organizations that are helping.

We Give Books - You can help by reading stories online. It's easy and free.

Better World Books - Buy books from here. Visit the site and see if there is a donation location in your area.

LitWorld - Donations can be doubled now until December 31, 2012

Join me this Thanksgiving in being thankful.

We can read.

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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1 comment:

Jackie Higgins said...

They are doing such important work! And you are too as a mom! I pinned it.