What Can Parents Do to Help a Child Learn to Read?

My opinion on this subject is . . .
"Parents should only do what feels right and is comfortable for themselves and their children when helping a child learn to read."
This will not be a step by step post.

I will not tell you there is only one way to get a child ready to read.

You can follow your own path and enjoy the journey.

I recently updated a page I wrote at Squidoo. It includes my best advice for parents helping a child learn to read. Please check it out.
Help for Parents Teaching a Child to Read
Did you click on the link?  I hope you found it helpful. I thought about writing a book, but I prefer to share what I know for free. The problem I've encountered with books written for parents trying to help their children learn to read is that the books are written with way too much teacher jargon. I try to keep the information I share with parents simple.

Here are a few resources for you to use when helping a child learn to read.

Reading Bear (FREE)
Starfall (FREE)
Reading Horizons
Online Reading Games (FREE)
Phonics Genius - Innovative Mobile Apps (FREE)
Brand New Readers Red Set
Now I'm Reading Book Series (Now I'm Reading by Nora Gaydos are my favorite phonics books. Sometimes they are available at Amazon for cheaper and with free shipping.)
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Stephanie @ Middle School Matters Blog said...

Hi, Michelle - I found your post on We Teach. Great article! As a teacher I find so often, even at the middle school level, that parents want so desperately to help there children, but are not sure of steps to take. Your suggestions offer many strategies to try - nicely done!

Carolyn Wilhelm said...

Michelle, thank you for the reminders and helpful links. You know how to help parents help their children at home! We appreciate your expert help and information. Carolyn

Growing Book by Book said...

Just got to your site through we teach. Lots of great resources. Thanks for sharing.

Karyn Tripp said...

Great ideas! I haven't tried Reading Bear. I'll have to check that one out. Another site we really like that is free is

Danielle @52 Brand New said...

Great article! My son is learning to read now. I'm a teacher, but seeing the process from the home side is totally new for me. I worry about being too much of a teacher and not enough of a listener. I need to work on just the listening part!

Jackie Higgins said...

Your post reminds me of Marie Clay's book, "By Different Paths to Common Outcomes". I think so many schools/ parents try to find a program that will teach their child to read when they really need more of a framework that they can teach individual learners within. Great links. I just started a learnist board for reading resources. I'd love to pin this to it.