Reading Horizons Review

Reading Horizons is a systematic way to teach phonics and is available for home use! There are programs geared toward different age groups. You can teach phonics to older readers and younger readers with Reading Horizons.

You'll love the features and support!

I've known about Reading Horizons for years but never tried it out until this summer.

It took getting free access to Reading Horizons Online V5 this summer for me to take the step to try it out. I signed up to use it as a summer school program. I'm helping three children who are entering 4th grade in the Fall. The program really helps children who are struggling with sounding out words.

I'm enjoying exploring this program. I've had positive responses from both parents and children.

The purpose of my blog is to show parents ways to teach their children to read.

Sometimes it's too much for parents to take on the task of teaching phonics.

Some children and adults have a difficult time hearing and separating individual sounds in words. I tried to show a good friend ways to help her daughter sound out words and use phonics rules for years. My good friend was too embarassed to tell me that she couldn't do it. One day we were talking, and I showed her some games to help her daughter with phonemic awareness. My friend wasn't able to separate the sounds in the words. She struggled with the same things as her daughter. She is a great reader but couldn't break down words in a way to help her daughter use phonics rules or sound out words.

That's why I love Reading Horizons! I think this is a good program for parents who don't feel comfortable teaching sounds and sounding out words.

Check out Reading Horizons.
There are some great free online resources for parents and teachers!

Reading Horizons at Home - Awarded

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Carolyn Wilhelm said...

I didn't realize this included Orton-Gillingham, which would be wonderful to be able to teach at home for tutoring. Thank you for writing this. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Michelle, thanks so much for your post on Reading Horizons. I know this program has done a great deal for so many. I'm really grateful to be a part of it.