Find Free Children's Books Online

Recently I learned about an organization called We Give Books. It's a free way to read children's books online!

Storytime Online and Storyline Online are free too. We Give Books is extra special. We Give Books gives a book for every book you read online. That's right. Kids can have access to great books and give to others!

I encourage you to learn more about We Give Books and share this site with some kids you know. Choose a literacy campaign and get kids reading more this summer.

My family is reading books on this site. It is completely free, and we feel good about helping get books to kids in the US and Worldwide!

My ten year old son and I just read this book.

There are a ton of great books available. Let me know in a comment if you check out We Give Books.



What's Up Wagner said...

I checked it out! Thanks for sharing. So amazing!

Jacquie@KCEdventures said...

I just got to know We Give Books recently too! Great resource - and nice post highlighting places where parents can easily find books.

Another place to find great chapter books for read-aloud is Project Gutenberg. The site has old books that are no longer under copyright so you can find some wonderful classics to read to the kids.

Carolyn Wilhelm said...

Very good resources that everyone should know about! Thank you for this excellent information. Carolyn

MaryAnne K said...

What a fantastic resource - thanks for sharing it!