Reading Levels Matter and Time Spent Reading Can Improve Reading Levels

The numbers on this graph show reading levels measured by the Lexile Framework for Reading.

900L = 6th grade reading level

975L = 7th grade reading level

1050L = 8th grade reading level

1100L = 9th grade reading level

1150L = 10th grade reading level

1200L = 11th grade reading level

1250L = 12th grade reading level

Reading improvement requires time spent reading.

Any type of reading is good. It's important to give readers material that is close to their reading level, but your child may love to read something below his or her reading level. Most experts agree that children should be allowed to read what they like. It may take a little searching to find material closer to your child's reading level that is of interest, but a reader who enjoys reading material will read more!

Ask a librarian, another parent, or your child's friend for help if you and your child are having trouble finding reading material.

Learn more about reading levels here.

One tip I hope you will use is to take books to go!
Yes! Take books with you everywhere you go. Pack a bag of books and take it in the car with you. That way everyone in the family can read and see each other read. Fill a two gallon ziplock bag with books for the family. Now everyone has a book for the next long car trip or long wait at the doctor's office.

The author of My Blogging Life - Part 2 asked in a comment for more recent data than found in the opening graph from 1992. I searched and found how education relates to income with this infographic.
The sources are a little more recent. One source is from 2009 . You can find links to the other information sources for the infographic at the bottom of the graphic. Thanks for the comments. Keep 'em coming! Consider having all new posts sent to your email. You can make this happen in the top right corner of this blog. Feedburner provides this service.



MaryAnne K said...

We love bringing books in the car - they are especially helpful for waits in carpool lines, and sitting in traffic!

My Blogging Life - Part 2 said...

Is there any more recent data available than 1992? I would imagine that the data has not changed, per se, other than probably see it being even more prevalent, but it would be good to find more recent data. Thanks.

Michelle said...

I looked for more recent data on this subject. I wasn't able to find another study or graph that compares income to Lexile reading level, but . . .

Here's one that shows some information about education levels and income.