Teach An Early Reader with the Free Printable Book - A Garden

This post will focus on ways to help an early reader learn to read with the book, A Garden.

The high frequency words to learn in this books are I, will, and, then, and have. You can download a set of 30 printable sight word flashcards here with MediaFire, or you can make your own cards.

If you print the back of the flashcards, you will have sounding out tips on the back of each of these high frequency words.

The word I has the long i sound.

The words will and then have the short vowel sound with the CVC pattern.

The word have is something different. English words don't end with the letter v, so words ending in the letters ve can have a long or short vowel sound.

The word and has the short vowel sound with the VC patttern.

The book A Garden is a free printable patterned text book. It's okay to read this book first to an early reader and point out words and letter sounds. Then let your early reader give it a try.

I like to make some of the words with magnetic letters. You can practice sounding out words and even mix words up like a puzzle for early readers to put back together.

You can point out the blends pl and fl.
You can show the ow phonogram. The ow makes the long o sound in yellow and another sound in flower. I think it's good for early readers to learn phonograms as soon as possible.

The letters nk together make the letter n make a nasal sound a little like ng does.
You can show the phonograms ur and er. They make the same sound.

Here's a post you might like about teaching a few phonograms to new readers.



Carolyn Wilhelm said...

This is so helpful to have the flash cards and how to read the book explained with step by step directions and photographs. Thanks so much! Carolyn

Becky said...

I love how detailed your lessons are on your posts. I think you are giving parents some great tools!! :)